When looking to purchase laminate flooring, it is crucial to know beforehand how it will perform under specific traffic conditions over the long haul. Laminate AC ratings have been put in place to protect consumers by giving them a guide to get their money’s worth.

The AC rating establishes the durability of a certain laminate product, helping you understand the suitability for its intended application ( i.e. residential or commercial application).

What is an AC rating?

AC stands for “Abrasion Class” and the AC rating you can see on product descriptions is an internationally accepted system of classification of laminate flooring durability. In Australia, a laminate undergoes many different testing methods, in line with the European Standard EN 13329:2000, to assess its long-term wear resistance.

AC4 rating is the first level specifically intended for commercial usage. AC4 rated laminate is suitable for moderately trafficked commercial spaces such as boutiques, offices, salons, and cafes.